Your pet or horse can become tormented because of illogical fear of noises - starting at any time without warning

WeStopFear™ is a new noise phobia therapy solution designed with the goal to be:

- Safer

- Simpler, Easier

- More natural

- More extensive

- Economical

- Full lifespan

Learn below how to help your pet or horse be free from suffering, even injury from  fear of noises. Take action today!

Preventive noise phobia therapy sound be a new standard for the psychological well-being of pets and horses

Learn more below.

The most extensive noise phobia therapy solution in history and the
first innovation in this field since the 1950s - 2000s that we know of.

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Who is this for?

Possibly devastating, and always uncomfortable and reducing quality of life: Fear of harmless noises can happen to any per or horse, including yours. The likelihood is high: Up to 50% occurrence of fear among working and herding dog breeds, up to 80% among horses, because of fireworks sounds.

Doing this to try to prevent these problems, is highly advisable for all pet and horse owners, as you don't know who will need it, and likelihood increases with higher age (among dogs). It should become a new standard. Doing this if the pet or horse has already become fearful is very necessary. 

Verdict: This is for all pet and horse owners

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Explore your type here or continue to learn more below.

Noise Phobia: The Serious Situation

Noise phobia is illogical fear of sounds that we humans know are harmless, but our pets and horses don't necessarily know that. Their basic instinct is to respond to unknown stimuli such as known or unknown sounds with short-lived fear and to flee for safety.
In our care they cannot easily flee. This can send pets into crippling fear and even devastate their lives. It can lead to pets and horses going missing, in them being injured, or even lead to untimely death. It can also put the owners at risk of injury and property of damage.
This potentially painful or dangerous problem can happen to any animal type with sensitive hearing and can occur at any time, unannounced. There are thousands of instances every year. Take action today and greatly reduce your risk of this happening to your pet or horse!
A picture of a dog and a girl with comparison of cortisol levels at extreme fear.

Noise Phobia: The Solutions and Innovations

Original noise phobia therapy

Luckily, a simple method exists to prevent or handle this problem: Noise phobia therapy.

The conventional solution, developed after the 1950s, is to let a pet or horse hear various sounds and become used to them, experiencing that nothing dangerous happens. This is called habituation for prevention, or desensitization to heal a problem. The playback starts very low, so low that the pet or horse is not alarmed, and then the volume increases gradually in small increments in each session over days and weeks. The conventional solution is usually just one audio CD disc or set of MP3 sounds.

It is probably surprisingly cumbersome and confusing to do correctly, managing the volume setting manually each time. There is also the risk of mistakenly playing sounds too loudly, too early, which can lead to a shock and setback. The sounds are also played in one tightly packed row with no silences between, which is unnatural and not like the real experience.

Many products of the conventional process have been available. They are all well made and work well when done correctly, but now time is due time for some innovation to create a simpler, easier and safer therapy process for people, pets and horses.

WeStopFear is systematically designed for improvement

See more about WeStopFear below.

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The Benefits of WeStopFear

Safer for your pet or horse

Possible mistakes are “designed out” of the process and made close-to-impossible. Natural Intervals make it more likely that your animal will endure the process well. With future maintenance of success.

Simpler and easier for you

The innovations of Volume Anchor, Ascending Loudness, Timed Access and Natural Intervals make these Simple Secure Steps easier, simpler and safer for you to implement.

All types interfaces

For ALL types of pets and horses. User experience, graphics, extensive instructions, and list of fear signs are focused for each animal type. You will feel “at home” with your type.

Six circle images of pets

Choose your pet type or horse solution introduction:

Dogs, outdoor catsindoor cats, horses, pet birds, small mammals, exotic pets, various types of pets.

(Small mammals include rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters. Exotic pets include chinchilla, degu, fancy mice, fancy rats, fennec fox, ferret, gerbils, hedgehog, sugarglider and pot-bellied pig. Various types of pets are any solutions combination excluding horses.)

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WeStopFear is systematically designed to be better

WeStopFear logo 600 px

WeStopFear is a new solution that is systematically developed to be a game-changer, using the approach of managerial process analysis, process re-design, re-engineering and TQM (total quality management) to improve greatly on these drawbacks.

The key is simpler and easier execution for the handler with multifaceted system

Four innovations make up the Simple Secure Steps™ with the Ascending Loudness™, Volume Anchor™, Timed Access™ and Natural Intervals™.

They are designed with the goal of being safer, easier, simpler, more bearable and more extensive, economical, and with a pet-type-focused encouragement and reminder system possible to be active during the full lifespan of the pet or horse.

It includes multiple instructions, encouraging reminder email series and the ongoing future Maintain Success program.

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The therapy process is designed in five steps with five sets of therapy sounds, instead of just one. This simplies implementation for the human handler. The five steps are made of those four main factors:

First, you need to find only one volume setting on the playback device used in a certain location (instead of needing to find different volume settings, manually each time, throughout the process in the old, conventional way).*** This volume setting is unchanged in all sessions.

volume anchor logo white border white letters 150px

Secondly, the five sets are pre-set to the correct volume level for the step you are at. Very low setting in Step 1, then higher through the steps, and full natural volume at Step 5. But the volume setting on the playback device is always the same and no need to boggle over it.

gradually increasing volume ascending loudness infographic w409px red background

Third, you are guided to the right step in every session, and you only get access to the step that you have reached. This is the Timed Access™. So you don't have to think or remember what step you were at.

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Fourth, silences are added after each sound, of various lengths. This makes the experience more natural and realistic, and better bearable for both the pet or horse, and the humans.

natural intervals logo white border white letters 150px

The goal is greater success levels, and safer, happier lives for pets and horses, and owners. This could enable creating a new standard practice to improve the psychological health of pets and horses in general, and reduce this problem

Try the Volume Anchor and 5 step playback:

Many Sizes Fit All: Four Programs

Not all pets or horses are in the same situation. WeStopFear comes in four programs of different extensiveness, to suit different needs. The four programs are Full Care - Advanced - More - Basic (free).

WeStopFear four programs icons 500px

All pet and horse types, and innovations, are included in each program

You will choose one of these four. Within each of the four programs, you can choose, start and stop the solutions for any pet type or horse, as long as you are member of that program. Each program contains all the innovations, and five steps, as described above.

What program should you choose? That depends on the situation of your pets or horses. It is simply a question of how extensive the program is. Below are the general recommendations of programs. 

Programs overview horizontal
Programs overview vertical mobile 2

WeStopFear Programs Overview:

Full Care Program

Recommended for horses, trained competition and service pets, and others in complex indoors, outdoors places for the most extensive therapy today.

160 sounds

Advanced Program

Recommended for pets in often noisy locations, inside and outside, where you want a very solid and good therapy with a large number of sounds.

62 sounds


Recommended for pets in relatively quieter and less intensive places, who don't go much outdoors or are not in very noisy places, and interact less.

44 sounds


Good foundation, more extensive than many paid programs. Much better than nothing, use for free if you don't want a paid solution. You can upgrade later. 

26 sounds

Choose your pet type or horse solution introduction:

Dogs, outdoor catsindoor cats, horses, pet birds, small mammals, exotic pets, various types of pets.

(Small mammals include rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters. Exotic pets include chinchilla, degu, fancy mice, fancy rats, fennec fox, ferret, gerbils, hedgehog, sugarglider and pot-bellied pig. Various types of pets are any solutions combination excluding horses.)

Reviews 1/3 **

I have to say, I’m really excited about this project. I tend to see a lot of noise phobias in pets that I’ve worked with, so this is fantastic.
J. Colella
Veterinary technician
Congratulations on the development of this great product. As a veterinarian I am very happy to see this kind of innovations and I know that this product will make a difference in the life of many pets and families. I think that your product is really good.
S. Lansburg
Veterinary and biology student
Brilliant to make animal accustomed to this, both young and old. I used this at the same time to let my one year old daughter get used to the fireworks sounds 😉
Cat owner, mother of a child

images of puppies, kitten and a foal 600px

The Young: Puppies, Kitten, Foals, Chicks...

The most desirable is that all pet and horse owners would conduct noise phobia therapy for their pets and horses when young, to prevent or reduce the likelihood of these problems before they appear.

That is much easier than deal with fear of noises after that is a fact, and also would spare the pets a lot of suffering. There are instructions inside the member's pages for the youngsters of each pet type or horses.

You can see more about the young of each type and when it is best to start on the pages for each type of pet or horse: 

Reviews 2/3

I recommend this. I saw a great difference on my sensitive dogs after only 3 weeks of the noises. It has been in shock and even peed. I saw a great difference, he was okay in just a few minutes.
Pet owner (dogs, cat and a bird)
My dog was considerably more relaxed and easier about the [fireworks] bombings than the previous new years eve. She was not carefree about the fanfare, but is now much more relaxed. Thank you.
Dog owner
I think this is a great initiative! I was myself very stressed this winter on behalf of my dog. This helped him when the fanfare started.
Dog owner

A new standard practice for pets and horses?

six circular images of pets and a horse set 3 600px

Physical well-being

Many things are generally accepted as standard practice in pet and horse care. It is normal to take care of things like food and water, a secure shelter, various health precautions for teeth, beaks, claws, hoofs, fur and intestines, and basic training. These are physical factors.

Psychological well-being

WeStopFear noise phobia therapy is about improving the psychological health of the pet or horse.

This is so that it can live its life and FEEL and BELIEVE that it is SECURE and SAFE, instead of a crippling life of FEAR, thinking it is potentially in grave danger from some unknown threat it hears sounds from, which we people know are utterly harmless.

The pets and horses may even react forcefully without thinking, and injure themselves or the owners very seriously, cause damage, or even get lost and lose their lives prematurely. This is truly tragic.

A new standard practice?

If all pet and horse owners would do noise phobia therapy (of some type, WeStopFear or other types that also work when done right) for prevention, then the general psychological health and FEELING of being secure would improve among pets and horses. A lot of suffering, injury and even untimely death would be averted (although not all as 100% success can never be promised).

Let's improve the well-being of pets and horses

With the innovations of WeStopFear, that have the goal of making the process simpler, easier and safer, preventive noise phobia can become a new standard practice that pet and horse owners implement to safeguard their animal’s wellbeing.

It is the goal of WeStopFear to facilitate a general improving of the happiness and safe feeling among pets and horses, and their owners’ satisfaction and peace of mind as well.

Millions of pets and animals could benefit from WeStopFear but their owners don't know about noise phobia. Many would want to do this for their pets. Don't hesitate to tell your pet- and horse-owning friends about noise phobia and the remedies for that problem. You might even benefit.

Reviews 3/3

I think this is a genius solution to help the dog to be completely care free about fireworks sounds. It went well for my 5 year old dog, who was very afraid of fireworks but has now become relaxed.
Dog owner
A very good method. It is good to work on this step by step. My animals didn‘t seem to be much bothered over the sounds. My dog and older cat have been rather relaxed. My new cat was also relaxed now. My dog has however been wary about going out when fireworks are going on, but this new years eve she even wanted to og out and pee just before the event and was very relaxed outside. She simply lay by my side and slept during most of the fireworks.
Pet owner (one dog, two cats)
Easy and convenient to use.
Dog owner
five animals captive circle images 300px

What is noise phobia or fear of noises?

It is an unnecessary problem that leads to thousands of injuries, disappearances and even untimely deaths among pets and animals every year all around the world.

Conventional Noise Phobia Therapy

Conventional noise phobia therapy is simply based on one audio CD disc or one set of MP3 audio files, which the handler must manage mostly manually. Learn more about the conventional noise phobia therapy and its shortcomings.

WeStopFear The formula is simple

Developed To Be Better

Further reading:

Choose your pet type or horse solution introduction:

Dogs, outdoor catsindoor cats, horses, pet birds, small mammals, exotic pets, various types of pets.

(Small mammals include rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters. Exotic pets include chinchilla, degu, fancy mice, fancy rats, fennec fox, ferret, gerbils, hedgehog, sugarglider and pot-bellied pig. Various types of pets are any solutions combination excluding horses.)

WeStopFear logo 600 px

WeStopFear is the first innovation in this field since the 1950s -1980s that we know of.

Not a new therapeutical method

WeStopFear's Simple Secure Steps is not a therapeutical or veterinarian innovation. It is an innovation in the process architecture, in the organization of the playback system and audio file configurations. In other words, an engineering, process re-design innovation.

What the Simple Secure Steps system delivers to the pets or horses is mostly the same as in the conventional, usually one audio CD, solution, when it is implemented accurately and correctly. (The difference is the Natural Intervals - random silences after each sound for realism).

FREE to use the Basic program

To ensure that all pets and animals can benefit from this new solutions, regardless of the economics of the owner, the Basic version with all essential functions, and future maintenance with reminders, will be FREE to use (not just free to try and then you pay).

Years of development

WeStopFear has been under development for many years. In the past is a therapy disc that included the first member's area online with instructions. Also a free website with fireworks noise phobia therapy, with both the conventional method and the Simple Secure Steps to allow people to try. Here you can read about how and why WeStopFear was developed.

six circular images of pets and a horse set 2 back fefcf4 600px

* About program recommended for special training service dogs (and other service animals): For those, being well balanced and calm, and not prone to fits of fear because of sounds is most important, and therefore the most extensive Full Care program is suggested. But WeStopFear is only about noise phobia and therapy for that problem, and does not contain any training advice. There is a huge number of websites and books offering training advice for all types of pets and dogs.)

** About the reviews: The reviews are about the solution on the website which was created for Icelandic pet owners to test the Simple Secure Steps innovation for fear of fireworks sounds, and the two US reviews are about the program as it was being developed. Reviews of WeStopFear will be asked for from users and will be posted as soon as they are available. 

*** Needing to find the right volume setting only once on a playback device in a particular location is based on if there are some markings or numbers by the volume button, or on a LCD screen, on the audio playback device, so you can set the volume each time to that volume level. You will write down that volume setting and set it to this same volume setting each time in that place, throughout all the steps. This is the Volume Anchor™, i.e. the volume setting is anchored at this same level all the time. If there are no markings of any kind on the playback device, then you will need to find that same volume setting each time you play, by playing the piano tune, the Volume Anchor. You will set to the same volume level each time, but you just cannot see a number by the volume button that helps you to set the same volume each time. Note that if you use this same audio playback device in a different location, you may find that another volume setting is correct for that location. This can be because the acoustical character of the locations are different, for instance inside a small room where the sound bounces off the walls, and outside where the sound "disappears" into the void, so you need to set the volume louder outside.

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