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Advanced Program

The Advanced program offers a selection of therapy sounds considerably greater than any noise phobia therapy solution available previously. It is designed to give an extensive noise therapy where that is needed. 

In terms of number of therapy sounds, the Advanced program is approximately 2-3 times more extensive than any noise phobia therapy solutions that has been available before.

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Who is it recommended for: Pets in often noisy locations, inside and outside, where you want a very solid and good therapy with a large number of sounds. This would be dogs that are walked through noisy areas, and outdoor cats, as well as if those pets are a part of a household with various types of pets.

If the situations that your pet finds it in are relatively quiet and simple, then the More program could be sufficient for you. For very intense environments and elevated needs for extensive noise tolerance, the Full Care program would be recommended.

Other options are the More program, Full Care program, and Basic program


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Advanced annual plan:


(Excl. local VAT, 4 months free,
only $5,33/month, save 33.3%)

Advanced Features:

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Simple Secure Steps therapy system with all innovations, all instructions, reminder emails, future Maintain Success program, for all pet types or horses.

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# of random play sounds:

62 sounds

Number of random playlists:

2 streaming players

Play Individual Sounds:

77 sounds

Your custom selected player sounds:

77 sounds

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Counter conditioning sounds

89 sounds

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Fireworks thunder video therapy: Yes

Self service: Yes

Send email suggestions: Yes

Limited email support: Yes

Support tickets, direct questions: Upgrade

Saved on-page notes: No

Tell-a-friend benefits:

Tell your pet- or horse-owning friends about noise phobia and WeStopFear and you will get access to these extra benefits:

3 downloadable information forms: PDF, RTF (rich text format), TXT.

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Annual Plan benefits:

Download MP3 sound files for MP3 play or to burn CD discs:

77 sounds

Sounds list for dogs, indoor cats, birds, small mammals, exotic pets, various types of pets. Advanced program sounds list / All programs sounds lists.

Horses Advanced program: Random players: 64 sounds. Choose individual sounds: 79 sounds. Select your custom playlist: 79 sounds. Counter conditioning: 91 sounds. MP3 download (annual plan): 79 sounds. Horses Advanced program sounds list / Horses all programs sounds lists.

Outdoor cats Advanced program: Random players: Random players: 54 sounds. Choose individual sounds: 69 sounds. Select your custom playlist: 69 sounds. Counter conditioning: 82 sounds. MP3 download (annual plan): 69 sounds. Outdoor cats Advanced program sounds list / Outdoor cats all programs sounds lists.

All Advanced solutions for all pet types and horses are available in the Advanced program. You can start or stop as many solutions you like whenever you need, but for households with more than one type of pet, the Various Types solution is recommended. 


(Excl. local VAT)

Advanced annual plan:


(Excl. local VAT, 4 months free,
only $5,33/month, save 33.3%)

Other programs

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Choose your pet type or horse solution introduction:

Dogs, outdoor catsindoor cats, horses, pet birds, small mammals, exotic pets, various types of pets.

(Small mammals include rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters. Exotic pets include chinchilla, degu, fancy mice, fancy rats, fennec fox, ferret, gerbils, hedgehog, sugarglider and pot-bellied pig. Various types of pets are any solutions combination excluding horses.)

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