What you get - what you do

Your Task

Your task is to play sounds that your pet or horse might get frightened by when they are heard suddenly, (or your task is to heal an already fearful pet or horse).

The system will play the sounds very, very low in the beginning, and then gradually increase the loudness until your pet or horse has gotten used to and is indifferent because of the sounds.

It is recommended to start as young as possible. Yet it is never too late to start as the problem increases with age.

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What is included in the WeStopFear noise phobia therapy solutions?

  1. Four programs to choose from, depending on the needs of your pet type or horse, with a password protected membership area with a carefully designed system.
  1. Audio players with sounds, organized into five steps and a future Maintain Success stage to ensure continued protection for your pet or horse for the remainder of its life.
  1. The sound volume is pre-set correctly for each step, and the audio players are grouped for different situations, inside and outside, in the three higher programs.
  1. The system architecture manages your path through the therapy steps and ensures that you always have the right sounds pre-set at the right volume level. No need to remember where you are at.
  1. The variety of sounds is more comprehensive than has ever been seen before. Up to more than 180 sounds and 320 counterconditioning sounds (in the Full Care program).
  1. The audio players are streaming from the Internet, set for randomized play. There are also special players to play individual sounds, or to choose for your own custom playlist.
  1. With annual subscription, you also get downloadable sets of audio MP3 files, for offline (non-web-connected) playback or to burn your own audio CDs.
  1. Wide selection of comprehensive instructions, customized for each type of pets or horses, with automatic machine translation available.
  1. Reminder and encouragement email sequences, customized for your type of pet or horse, and the step you are in, continuing into the Maintain Success stage.
  1. The three higher programs have an innovative video therapy added, for fireworks and thunderstorms phobia.

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What are the simple and easy things you will be doing?

  1. You will implement a therapy method designed with the goal that most people will find it simpler and easier, and safer to do, and thus not burdening their already hectic lives.
  1. You don’t have to speculate what step you are in or what the volume setting should be. The system is designed to take that burden of you.
  1. In the beginning, you will determine the locations and playback devices, as well as the loudness setting (needed only once if your playback device shows the volume level).
  1. This is safer for your pet(s) or horse(s), as it reduces a certain danger of harmful mistakes. It is also easier and simpler for you, then human handler.
  1. You then simply hit play and do whatever you want. Don’t let your pet or horse realize you manage the process. You can put on headphones yourself and listen to music or an audiobook if the sounds get on YOUR nerves!
  1. During the process you receive emails with reminders and encouragement, making it easier for you to remember doing this in the middle of the hustle and bustle of your daily life.

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What are the unique benefits for your pet or horse?

  1. Your pet or horse will get to know, and is supposed to become used to a large number of various sounds (based on the program) and learn they are not connected to any danger.
  1. The goal of this is that your pet or horse will not be startled, but will increasingly FEEL that it is safe, when it suddenly hears various sounds in our noisy, industrialized world.
  1. Your pet or horse will have the chance of getting used to the most extensive collection of sounds that have ever been offered, in the higher programs More, Advanced and Full Care.
  1. No matter what pet type, WeStopFear has them all covered, from dogs, cats and horses, and down to African pygmy hedgehogs, Sugar gliders and Vietnamese pot-bellied pigs.

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