Programs Overview: Full Care

Full Care Program

The Full Care program offers the by far most extensive selection of therapy sounds ever presented in a noise phobia therapy solution. This is very important for the most intensive sound tolerance needs, as the animal has greater tolerance for a greater number of sounds, and it is easier to get used to a new sound.

The Full Care program is thus the best choice in situations with complex and noisy indoors and outdoors environments, where it is of utmost importance for both horse or pet and the human handler, to minimize the risk of unnecessary fear of sounds, with fearful reactions and unstable relations with the horse or pet.

Icons showing types that full care program is recommended for

Who is it recommended for: The Full Care is mainly aimed at the equestrian world (horses), and specially trained service dogs and animals. A fearful riding horse that spooks, prances, lunges, and runs off with the rider in the saddle can put itself and the rider in a life-threatening risk. The Full Care program is also the optimal choice for trainers of specially trained service and show/competition pets that have the greatest need to stay balanced and fear-free in potentially stressful, noisy situations. The Full Care program is also enticing for owners of pets who want to dedicate time and work to give their pet the most comprehensive noise phobia therapy.

Other options are the More program, Advanced program, and the Basic program They are less extensive and may suit better for less intensive situations.

Note that the Horses and Outdoor Cats solutions have slightly different number of sounds, see sounds lists below if needed.


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Full Care annual plan:


(Excl. local VAT, 5 months free,
only $5,83/month, save 41.7%)

Full Care Features:

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Simple Secure Steps therapy system with all innovations, all instructions, reminder emails, future Maintain Success program, for all pet types or horses.

WSF Full Care recommended for horses and special training dogs

# of random play sounds *:

160 sounds

Number of random playlists:

5 streaming players

Play Individual Sounds:

184 sounds

Your custom selected player sounds:

184 sounds

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Counter conditioning sounds

329 sounds

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Fireworks thunder video therapy: Yes

Customer support level

Self service: Yes

Send email suggestions: Yes

Support tickets, direct questions: Upgrade


Annual Plan benefits:

Download MP3 sound files for MP3 play or to burn CD discs

184 sounds

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Download video therapy MP4 files to play in MP4 video players:

10 files (2 x 5 steps)

Also: PDF documents with signs of fear and phobia, Quick Focus instructions, video therapy instructions and off-line advice.

Sounds lists

Full Care sounds lists 

* The Horses and Outdoor Cats programs have slightly different numbers of sounds: Horses Full Care sounds and Outdoor cats Full Care sounds

Sounds lists for all programs (Basic, More, Advanced and Full Care) are on the sounds page that is linked to, simply search on the page.


(Excl. local VAT)

Full Care annual plan:


(Excl. local VAT, 5 months free,
only $5,83/month, save 41.7%)

Other programs

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Choose your pet type or horse solution introduction:

Dogs, outdoor catsindoor cats, horses, pet birds, small mammals, exotic pets, various types of pets.

(Small mammals include rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters. Exotic pets include chinchilla, degu, fancy mice, fancy rats, fennec fox, ferret, gerbils, hedgehog, sugarglider and pot-bellied pig. Various types of pets are any pet types combination excluding horses.)

Customer support levels

WeStopFear support levels according to program

Members of WeStopFear have different levels of getting answers regarding their progression.

Self service:

WeStopFear is basically a self-serve-platform, where the users easily find instructions and tools at their fingertips.

Instructions that explain the therapy process are very comprehensive, in both texts and video. The main approach is that users should learn from the instructions to get answer to their questions. This is just like if they had purchased a CD disc or downloaded MP3 audio files, where the user refers to the brochure. Programs: Basic, More, Advanced and Full Care.

Submit suggestions:

If the user believes that something is missing from the solution or from instructions, then the user can submit suggestions on what may be improved, and added to the solution. This will be investigated, and if the suggestion is deemed valid, then the item will be added to the instructions and solutions.  Programs: Basic, More, Advanced and Full Care.

Support tickets, direct questions answered, coaching - upgrade:

This is an upgrade option for those who want to be able to submit questions directly, and get answers from WeStopFear. 

The user will receive an answer usually within 24 hours on office days, and even during weekends if situation allows. 

Under evaluation: This arrangement of the customer support levels of the different programs may change.

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