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The designer brand DuFauna is developed in close conjunction with the development of WeStopFear. Whether for your own enjoyment or to use as a gift, there is a large selection of designs! Production, fulfilment and customer support of DuFauna designer products is handled by Redbubble. If you are thrilled by a DuFauna designs and purchase a design you like, then you are not only getting a stylish designer product, you are also supporting WeStopFear and its further development.

Please note that these products are not ready in a warehouse. They are made on-demand, which means if you purchase a piece you desire, it will then be produced in just one copy for you, and then shipped. This means there are no unsold products! Expect several days and up to several weeks to receive your purchase, depending on the type of product and where you live on the globe.

WeStopFear merch

The DuFauna shop on Redbubble has also products with variations of the WeStopFear logo. See here.

Available on many products

Each design is available on many products on Redbubble. On each product page, look out for this link to view all options:

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The DuFauna shop on Redbubble has also a merch collection with variations of the WeStopFear logo. View this here.

Drawing Video

The founder and designer of Dufauna (who is also the founder and developer of WeStopFear) at work creating some of the hand-drawn vector images that you can see on DuFauna designs:


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Home & Living


Wall Art


Kids & Babies


Phone Cases

Stationery & Office


Explore the breeds collections of DuFauna on Redbubble, or click "Categories" to select product categories under each breed:


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