Translations Disclaimer

The WeStopFear website has installed a translations plugin that utilizes the Google Translate automatic AI machine translation service. You can switch from the standard English language to your language of choice by clicking the flag in the top links menu, and click on your language of choice in the drop-down list that appears.

These translations are getting better and better, especially in the languages spoken by the greatest number of people on earth, but you need to be aware that sometimes this machine translation can be inaccurate, especially when a word that is spelled in a certain way can have different meanings based on the context. This can be more prevalent in the language pairs that are for languages that are not spoken by many.

An example could be the word "fine", that can mean "good", or "finely grained" when referring to a powder, or it can mean "an amount of money that has to be paid as a punishment for not obeying a rule or law", or even more meanings as described by the Oxford Dictionary

In such instances, sometimes (but not always) the machine translation does not sense the context and presents an inaccurate translation.

So you sometimes need to read the text that is translated into your language with a critical mind.

But most of the time the translation should give you a pretty good idea of what the meaning is, so everything will be fine...

However, because of these drawbacks, WeStopFear is not responsible for possible misunderstandings that may arise because of inaccurate machine translations.