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Two gerbils worried because of noise

Do you want your exotic pet(s) to life their life FEELING it is safer and more secure where you keep it and avoid a possible disaster?

The new solution designed to be easier, simpler, safer and more natural is now at your fingertips, to prevent your pet from being taken over by unnecessary, possibly devastating fear of noises. Take action today! 

Exotic pets can become so scared by harmless noises that it seriously affects their quality of life

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Pet focused interface

The user experience, graphics, extensive instructions, and list of signs of fear and phobia are focused on exotic pets. You will feel “at home” as a exotic pet owner with pet-specific advice and graphics.

Safer for your pet

Mistakes are “designed out” of the process and made close-to-impossible. Natural Intervals make it more likely that your pet and yourself will endure the process well. With future maintenance of success.

Simpler and easier for you

The innovations of Volume Anchor, Ascending Loudness, Timed Access and Natural Intervals make these Simple Secure Steps easier, simpler and safer for you to implement.