Try The 5 Step Audio Players

The simple process

Below you can try the 5 steps therapy sounds audio players. The sounds of the WeStopFear noise phobia therapy in the players below are pre-set at different volume levels, from very low in Step 1 to the full volume in Step 5. First you need to find the right volume setting on the playback device you are using in a location, where you have decided that you will play the therapy sounds.

Set the volume on the playback device

You play the piano tune to set the volume on the audio playback device you use. The volume of the piano tune should be so, that it is at a good and clear listening level. Not very low like soft dinner music at a restaurant, and not extremely loud like at a rock concert. Just a normal, clear and comfortable listening volume for the piano music.

Start at Step 1

Then you can try playing the sounds in the order of the steps. You should start at Step 1 and then try the same sounds through the other steps. With that you hear how the sounds of the steps are pre-formatted in different audio volume levels.

Not with your pet or horse present

Do not do this test with your pet or horse present, as the volume of the last steps is so loud, that it may cause fear in itself and lead to a shock and setback. Your pet or horse is supposed to experience this beginning at the very low of Step 1.

Find the right volume setting

Set the right volume on the playback device for this location on your audio playback device by playing the piano tune below.

You can write down the volume setting (if you can see a number or a scale next to the volume button), as this is the volume setting you will use on this particular device in this location, in the future. You will use the same volume setting on your playback device in a specific location, in all the Steps from 1 to 5, and in maintenance.

Or if there are no number or markings to refer to, and you can not write down the setting on the audio device, then you would need to do this every time you play. 

The volume setting should be so that the piano music is at a good and clear  listening level, not very low like soft dinner music at a restaurant, not extremely loud like a rock concert

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About the sounds and steps

The sounds are 10 seconds long samples from the sounds in the programs. In the therapy pages of the member's area, you will find a player that plays all the sounds in random order, and then other players where you can select specific sounds to play and select sounds to create your own custom playlist. In the real therapy, the duration of the sounds is often 1-3 minutes, with some sounds around 30 seconds, and others around 10 minutes.

In the actual system, you only get access to the Step 1 in the beginning, and then to Step 2, to Step 3 and 4, and finally to Step 5. The progression through the steps is based on how frequently the handler does this process, and how soon the pet(s) or horse(s) get used to the sounds so you can continue to the next step.

There is a minimum of a certain number of days that you must spend within a step, but there is no upper limit as to how long each step may take. That is based on the individual characteristics and tolerance-build-up of each pet or horse. There is no competition. Each individual has their own time in that. Being faster is neither better or worse, it is simply not an issue.


Now you have tried the 5 steps of the audio players of the WeStopFear noise phobia therapy. You can continue and explore the solutions for your type of pet or horse, or explore the programs, or go back to the front page, in the links below.

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