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WeStopFear is a brand new program and reviews are not yet in place.

Prior to WeStopFear, TopFauna LLC (i.e. its founder) was developing a predecessor named Prevent Fear. This was an audio CD solution (it was at the end of the CD era). Two comments below are about that product, which did not make it to the market.

The founder also set up a website in Iceland named This website offered audio files and instructions to help pet and horse owners work with fear of fireworks sounds. The website offered the classical solution (one set of audio files) and the new Simple Secure Steps process design. Seven comments below are from users of that website.

The comments and reviews below are thus not about WeStopFear, but are included here for reference.

Comments about Prevent Fear

I have to say, I’m really excited about this project. I tend to see a lot of noise phobias in pets that I’ve worked with, so this is fantastic.
J. Colella
Veterinary technician
Congratulations on the development of this great product. As a veterinarian I am very happy to see this kind of innovations and I know that this product will make a difference in the life of many pets and families. I think that your product is really good.
S. Lansburg
Veterinary and biology student

Reviews about

I recommend this. I saw a great difference on my sensitive dogs after only 3 weeks of the noises. It has been in shock and even peed. I saw a great difference, he was okay in just a few minutes.
Pet owner (dogs, cat and a bird)
My dog was considerably more relaxed and easier about the [fireworks] bombings than the previous new years eve. She was not carefree about the fanfare, but is now much more relaxed. Thank you.
Dog owner
I think this is a great initiative! I was myself very stressed this winter on behalf of my dog. This helped him when the fanfare started.
Dog owner
I think this is a genius solution to help the dog to be completely care free about fireworks sounds. It went well for my 5 year old dog, who was very afraid of fireworks but has now become relaxed.
Dog owner
A very good method. It is good to work on this step by step. My animals didn‘t seem to be much bothered over the sounds. My dog and older cat have been rather relaxed. My new cat was also relaxed now. My dog has however been wary about going out when fireworks are going on, but this new years eve she even wanted to og out and pee just before the event and was very relaxed outside. She simply lay by my side and slept during most of the fireworks.
Pet owner (one dog, two cats)
Easy and convenient to use.
Dog owner

Reviews **

Brilliant to make animal accustomed to this, both young and old. I used this at the same time to let my one year old daughter get used to the fireworks sounds 😉
Cat owner, mother of a child

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