Together we will pursue a better life for your dog(s) – free of unnecessary worries because of unknown sounds

Day 1:

Learn about the process before starting for maximum chances of success

You will get access to the program material in steps, so the extensive volume material will not overwhelm you.

Day one

Knowing how to do this correctly is important. Today, on day one, you are given access to descriptions of the process.
These are the Quick Focus page with infographic, the Main Instructions, the Important Details, and additional material that consists of the page about audio devices and acoustics. You can burn a CD with the sounds of each step, as you progress through the steps, or buy the set of 5 ready made audio CDs.
It is recommended that you use the first day to study the main instructions and other material. Knowing how to implement this correctly will mean the difference between success, or not getting the desired results.

Day two

On day two you will get access to Step 1 of the therapy system itself. You can then start playing the very low sounds of Step 1 for your dog!

As time progresses, you will either be given access to steps 2, 3, 4 and 5 after a certain number of days, or you will move to the next step later on, after you have made sure you have finished the step you were on.

Your recommended path through these information is:

  • Take a look at the Quick Focus page, (3-5 minutes)
  • The top section  of the Main Instructions page, is the headlines of the comprehensive instructions further down on that page. You can read through the headlines (about 3 minutes).
  • Each headline at the top of the Main Instructions page is a clickable link. You can click on a link and take a further look at a text of your choice. (time length of your choice).
  • Take a look at the Important Details. Read through the headlines at the top of the page. You can then read about a detail that you are further curious about, or come back later and learn more. Each headline at the top is a clickable link, (time length of your choice). 
  • The audio device you use in each place should have the capability to generate a realistical sound and volume. Make your assessment of the audio devices you have to play the sounds. See the page about Audio Devices and Acoustics. Today, many may be choosing to play from a computer, or through a handheld device via a wireless speaker. But many will also be using a CD.
  • If one of your audio devices plays CDs then a CD makes good sense. You can burn your own discs, or you can get the ready made 5 audio CDs set with your special member’s discount.

Welcome Page 1 on day 1 content:

Walk-through Video >>

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Walk-through Video >>

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Important Details >>

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Main Instructions >>

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5 CDs Discount >>

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Quick Focus page >>

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Audio Devices >>

A quick walk-through video


Audio MP3 file with the voice-over of this video (right click to download).

The Main Instructions Page

The main instructions on how to do the therapy for your dog is available in three formats: 1. Text instructions, video instructions and the audio voice over from the video, that you can listen to in your MP3 playing device.

Having mastered the information about how to implement this process is paramount in getting the desired results. You cannot just dabble with this, so please take your time to study this. It actually isn’t difficult.

Your recommended

Your first task: Watch the video, and/or read the headlines in the Main Instructions

Start by reading through the instructions headlines, in the top section of the main instructions page. By reading through these, which takes maybe two minutes, you get a good idea about how to do this. By each headline is a clickable link. This leads you to the detailed text explaining each item. You can also watch the short Main Instructions video.

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Go To The Main Instructions >>

The Quick Focus Page

The Quick Focus Page offers a simple infograph and a short video, outlining what to do when the sounds are being played. This is mainly meant to be a quick reference to brush up on your memory, . after you have studied the main instructions, important details and signs of fear and phobia in dogs. The infograp is also an easy reference while you do the therapy. You can print it out, or have it on the screen of your device.

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Go To The Quick Focus Page >>

The Important Details

To achieve maximum success for your dog in this process, it is necessary to take care of the details in the implementation. That is not more difficult. In fact, that is easier and safer, because then you will not have to do everything over again since you did something wrong, and there will be less likelihood of painful mistakes, that could jeopardise the therapy.

Start by reading through the headlines of the details, to get a grip of what they are about. This may take you exactly one minute. Each headline is a clickable link, if you want to learn further about a detail. You can also watch the video for a quick overview.

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To The Important Details Page >>

Will you be using a CD player?

For maximum comfort and quality assurance, you can get the ready made Prevent Fear Simple Secure Steps 5 CDs set.

The 5 CD set is at a SPECIAL DISCOUNT for members.

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Go To The Discount 5 CDs Set >>

Your audio equipment

The requirements for the audio equipment are simple: The audio devices should be able to play the sounds in a reasonably realistic way, similar to the volume level and sound quality of the actual phenomena, in the place where they may be heard, which is where you play them.

It is also a good idea to think a bit about important acoustic factors (locations, location size and characteristics, sound reverberation or dampening, and audio equipment and loudspeakers).

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Learn About Audio Devices And Acoustics >>

What will you get access to in the first days?

The Welcome page 1 (this page) on day 1 gives you access to:

A short walk-through video and audio

The Main Instructions text, video and audio

The Quick Focus Infograph and video

The Important Details text, video and audio

A special member’s discount of the ready 5 audio CD discs set

Information about audio devices and acoustics

The Welcome page 2 on day 2 gives you access to:

Start the process: The Step 1 page, with the therapy MP3 sound files, streaming audio, and instructions, for Step 1

The list of the signs of fear and phobia in dogs (an important reference in the therapy)

Instructions on how to burn a CD (audio CD or data CD)

Instructions on how to handle MP3 files

Keep everyone happy

Scary event coming?

The six factors of success explained

That will be all for Day 1. Actually, this will keep you quite busy until tomorrow!
 You will receive and email tomorrow with an access link to the Welcome page #2.
The Welcome page #2 gives you access to Step 1, the therapy itself.
Welcome 2 page will also open automatically, if you don’t see the email.