Yummy Zoom: Thoughts #9 on homemade meals

Are homemade meals a brilliant option for you and your dog?

The greater part of dog owners think that the words “dog food” refer to commercially made moist dog food and dry variety-food, or “kibble”. This, however, is a narrow definition, as you can as well make the meals at home and give your dog. People turn to making homemade meals, and skip the readymade dog food sold in stores, for a variety of reasons. Here are the most common reasons for this shift:

  1. Medical reasons. If a dog has been diagnosed with some life threatening disease, such as cancer, he may have special dietary needs that mean that it is considered best to take him off commercial dog food and serve specialized food instead.
    Veterinarians may design special diets for sick dogs to prolong the dogs’ lives and reduce the impact of the health condition.
  1. Needs based on physical exercise. When dogs are receiving intensive training, for instance for to participate in dog shows and agility, or if they are used for work such as pulling sleds, then they will need extra protein, fat and usable carbohydrates.
    It is easier to provide higher levels of these macronutrients by giving your dog homemade dog food.
  1. Allergies. It is a well known fact that some dogs have sensitive stomachs and digestive tracts. Some dogs are unable to tolerate anything that has been commercially prepared. When your dog shows signs of indigestion no matter what commercial dog food you give it, it’s time to shift to homemade dog meals.
  1. A more organic diet and less risk. It isn’t just ordinary nutrition you find in dog food. Various chemicals and preservatives are added too, in order to ensure long shelf life for instance. Some dog owners and researchers believe that over time, these chemical compounds can cause damage to dogs’ organs. That’s why many dog owners prepare homemade meals for their pets in the effort to reduce exposure to these potentially harmful additives found in commercial dog food.


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