Yummy Zoom: Thoughts #1 on protein

Can too much protein lead to kidney problems for your dog?

Is protein good or bad for your dog? The belief that dogs should consume only a small amount of protein, to protect their kidneys, is one of the most common misbelieves among dog owners about their dog’s preferable diet. The truth is that dogs, being direct descendants of the grey wolf Canus Lupus Lupus, have a digestive system that evolved primarily to digest food with high protein content. Protein is a life necessity for growth, tissue repair and daily energy. If a dog lacks protein, then he will suffer from various health issues, including weak muscles. The ideal is that around thirty to forty percent of a dog’s daily meals should be animal protein.

This is related to the possibility of food allergies. It is rare that dogs suffer from allergies of animal meat. But some dogs may suffer from allergies because they are eating soybean-based proteins.

This is why you should be careful when giving your dog new dog food brands that make use of soybean as the primary source of protein. Older dogs are most prone to food intolerances and food allergies, so make sure your dog is transitioned slowly from the old food to the new food.

If you own a puppy or young dog who hasn’t grown to his full adult size, then your dog needs a diet that is rich in protein.

If you train your dogs for dog shows, you have to give them more carbohydrates, protein, and water. Remember: dogs are capable of quickly digesting protein for energy – very little protein goes to waste. And yes, the dog’s kidneys are quite safe. Unless your veterinarian tells you not to give your dog a regular serving of protein, you can maintain the current protein level of your dog’s diet.



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