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Breed Focus: Pictures and videos of the Border Collie



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  • Breed High Five: 5 more Border Collie pictures...
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Think about... #15

“You need to be aware of what others are doing, applaud their efforts, acknowledge their successes, and encourage them in their pursuits. When we all help one another, everybody wins.

- Jim Stovall

Hello and welcome!

Rinse and repeat. Simple and convenient. Your dog will be, if all goes well, better able to deal with all the strange and unknown sounds that our industralized world may throw at it, suddenly and without warning. It really couldn‘t be better, the fact that this important process of working with, rather than against, this basic instinct of being on alert towards unknown stimuli is now probably easier and safer than before, thanks to the Simple Secure Steps process design.


Breed High Five: 5 Border Collie Pictures











Famous persons who own or owned a Border Collie  dog

  • Crown Princess Mary of Denmark owns a Border Collie that is much beloved by the family. His name is Ziggy.
  • Actress Anna Paquin, who had the leading role in The Piano and won an Oscar for tha movie, is often seen walking her Border Collie dog, whose name is Splash.
  • Singer Jon Bon Jovi of the rock band Bon Jovi owned a Border Collie.
  • Nina, a Border Collie dog,was owned by actor Ethan Hawke. She died in 2016 and was much mourned.
  • A Border Collie named Taz is among the three dogs owned by Tiger Woods, the American professional golf player, and his kids. On Christmas Eve of 2015, a puppy was added to his pack. The new one is named Bugs.
  • English television personality and singer Cheryl Cole (former member of the Girls Aloud girl group) is a happy Border Collie owner.
  • Not less than four Border Collies make actor James Franco‘s home a very lively place.
  • One of the coolest movie stars of them all, one who died too early, James Dean was the owner of a Border Collie dog.


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General traits of the Border Collie

Common Characteristics

  • Unlimited working drive and energy.
  • Highly intelligent.
  • Very trainable.
  • Good for those interested in dog sports.
  • Excels in agility and obedience.
  • Easy to groom but sheds a lot.
  • Highly sensitive and responsive.

 Some Challenges

  • Needs huge amounts of exercise.
  • Becomes bored and restless easily.
  • Not a cuddly sofa potato pet.
  • Not for laid back family life.
  • Can be shy if not socialized early.
  • Has instinct to bite and nibble at heels.
  • Wants to flock anything that moves.


Selected Border Collie Videos!


Nana the Border Collie Performs Amazing Dog Tricks

Posted by NanaBorderCollie - 8:45 minutes - on Youtube


A Cutest Border Collie Puppies - Funny Dog Compilation 2016

Posted by MAI PM - 4:08 minutes - on Youtube

(To watch the videos at the source, just click the "Youtube" logo in the bottom right corner of the video)


Breed High Five: 5 More Border Collie Pictures









Page Suggestion: The Keep Everyone Happy page

Please turn tothe Keep Everyone Happy page for advice on how to get everyone who may hear the sounds to accept and support this process. It is possible that someone may complain when these sonds are being played fairly loud, in the last Steps in the therapy process. These sounds are not played for entertainment purposes. You are making your dog get used to sounds that are annoying. Getting these individuals to understand what is going on may be important.



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