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Breed Focus: Pictures and videos of the Rottweiler



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  • Breed High Five: 5 more Rottweiler pictures…
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Think about… #14

“Action is the foundational key to all success.”

– Pablo Picasso

Hello and welcome!

I want to congratulate you for the work you are doing for your dog. This can really mean a lot for your dog, although the funny thing is that you will possibly never know if this method was necessary or not. The reason is, that if you do this properly, you may have averted problems for your dog in the future, but we never really know if your dog is sensitive to noises and would develop fear or phobia otherwise.

I hope you have managed to build a steady habit of doing this. But don‘t push your self TOO HARD in this. Doing that may backfire as you lose the interest later. You should try to maintain a healty motivation to do this regularly, and to do it so that it will be a light job for you. It is okay to skip a day or two in between! But preferably not more than that.


Breed High Five: 5 Rottweiler Pictures









Page Suggestion: The Fear Signs page

As you know, while the process is going on, it is necessary to observe how your dog is doing…. Is he feeling safe, or stressful? The Fear Signs page gives you an overview of the possible signs of fear and phobia in dogs. Refer to the list on that page so you can safely detect how your dog is doing, and if it is time to move on, or if you must continue in the Step where you are currently at.



Famous persons who own or owned a Rottweiler dog

  • Actor and activist Leonardo DiCaprio owned a Rottweiler named Baby some years ago.
  • A Rottweiler is the actress Hayden Panettiere trusted friend. His name is Zander.
  • Singer Bruno Mars has a Rottweiler.
  • The English singer, actress and TV personality Tulisa Contostavlos has a Rottweiler by her side.
  • English singer Robbie Williams (who was a former member of boy band Take That before he embarked on his own with great success), has chosen a Rottweiler to be his four-legged friend.
  • Will Smith is probably the most eager Rottweiler owner among celebrities. He owns no less than five full-grown Rotties.


Money Saving Corner

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General traits of the Rottweiler

Common Characteristics

  • Strong with a loving heart.
  • Intelligent, fearless and courageous.
  • Calm and confident.
  • Needs leadership from a firm owner.
  • Playful and gentle with family.
  • Physically powerful, needs a guiding hand.

 Some Challenges

  • Inclined to dominance, must test his limits.
  • Can be ferocious and protective, a bully.
  • Must get early socialization.
  • Firm and consistent training needed.
  • Must respect people and obey.
  • Legal difficulties are possible.


Selected Rottweiler Videos!



Posted by Dogumentary TV – 3:58 minutes – on Youtube


10 Funniest Rottweiler Videos

Posted by World’s Fuzziest Videos – 7:21 minutes – on Youtube

(To watch the videos at the source, just click the “Youtube” logo in the bottom right corner of the video)


Breed High Five: 5 More Rottweiler Pictures










Page Suggestion: The Quick Focus page

While you do the therapy, you don‘t necessarily want to spend much time studying the details of the Main Instructions and Important Details pages. You probably have already looked closely into those, (which is necessary so that you will know how to implement the Steps) Thus, you just need a speedy reminder of how to implement this therapy. Doing things correctly is very important so that your dog will reap the benefits! This is where the Quick Focus page comes in. The simple infograph, the short video and the mp3 audio file with the narration of the video (to listen to in a mp3 audio playing device), are just what you need for that quick reminder. The infograph is available in a web image, and as a downloadable screen or print version.



Next Post’s Breed Focus: Border Collie

In Post To Pep Up #15, we will give you two high-fives about the Border Collie, tell you about famous people who own or owned a dog of this breed, and some Border Collie videos as well!



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