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Offer a friend a discount of WeStopFear

If you want to tell a friend, family member or work colleague about WeStopFear and offer them a discount of a WeStopFear membership.

Here is the discount code: XXX

Tell about the 30 Second Fear Test for Premium Upgrade

If you tell them about the 30 Second Fear Test, then they can sign up there, and by using the promotional link that they get, then they can get an upgrade to the Premium Program at a discount, or even for free if they themselves are referring enough people to WeStopFear’s 30 Second Fear Test, while getting the discount of the Basic Program of WeStopFear using the discount code above.

If you are a Basic Member of WeStopFear, you can yourself refer people to the 30 Second Fear Test, to get your discounted or free upgrade to the Premium Program.

Combine with the Earn option

You can combine the friend’s discount with an affiliate referral, where you can you can earn a generous part of the price of a WeStopFear membership, if the person you refer becomes a member. Offering your contacts a discount of WeStopFear can sweeten the deal, and enhance them to join. See information about the affiliate program of WeStopFear here.

 Attractive for dog clubs

The affiliate earning option is an attractive option for dog owner’s clubs and societies, and also if you are an individual and if you can contact a good number of people to tell them about WeStopFear.

If you are already a Premium Member, then the discount or free upgrade option to the Premium Program is not available for you. For you to earn back your cost of membership, the affiliate program is great for you.


Therapy Steps

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