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Earn Money While Telling Others About WeStopFear

By signing up as an affiliate, you can earn a generous part of the price of a WeStopFear membership, if the person you refer becomes a member.

This is an attractive option for dog owner’s clubs and societies, and also if you are an individual and if you can contact a good number of people to tell them about WeStopFear.

Combine with Friend’s Discount

You can combine your affiliate referral with the friend’s discount, offering your contacts a discount of WeStopFear to sweeten the deal and enhance them to join. See information about the friend’s discount code here.

Clickbank is the affiliate solution used by WeStopFear

Clickbank is the largest affiliate vendor solution on the planet. By signing up at Clickbank, you can easily refer people to WeStopFear via your affiliate link. Clickbank is the payment processor, and splits the proceedings according to the split between the affiliate and product owner. Clickbank handles the collecting and payment of VAT in the country where the joining member lives, including all EU countries, which is one of the reasons why Clickbank was chosen as the affiliate solution.

Instructions about how to sign up with Clickbank will be posted here as soon as the option becomes operational.


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Therapy Steps

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