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Signs Of Fear And Phobia In Dogs

Know the signs that your dog may show, indicating he is fearful or phobic. You will monitor these signs as you evaluate whether he is ready for the next step upwards in the therapy.

[buttonibt title=”Button Example” url=”https://www.westopfear.com/dogs/signs-of-fear-and-phobia-in-dogs/” size=”md” bgcolor=”#81b161″ fontcolor=”#ffffff”]Signs of Fear and Phobia page >>[/buttonibt]

Quick Focus – infograph and short video

When you have familiarised yourself with the process, don’t spend more time than necessary. Get a quick overview of the method and main details on the infograph, or in the short video, on the Quick Focus page!

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Simple Secure Steps Main Instructions

Please read this thoroughly! There is also an MP3 audio file reading for download. The quick instructions, with 12 numbered points, go through each of the main issues that you must take care of for during the sound/noise therapy, to maximize your success.

[buttonibt title=”Button Example” url=”https://www.westopfear.com/dogs/main-instructions-dogs/” size=”md” bgcolor=”#81b161″ fontcolor=”#ffffff”]Main Instructions page >>[/buttonibt]

All the Important Details

Noise phobia therapy is for the most part very simple. But the important small details can matter a lot, and make the difference between success and failure. These are the important details that make a truly successful therapy. It doesn’t take long to look it over! Don’t miss these.

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The Five Factors Of Success

The five factors that may determine the progress or failure of sound/noise therapy. See what the five factors are, and you will have a better understanding of what is needed for success in this process.
Go to the Five Factors of Success page.

Instructions on burning an audio CD

Here are instructions for Windows and Apple OS on how to burn an audio CD.

Instructions for handling and playing audio MP3 files

How to download, un-zip, store, place and play the correct MP3 audio files set for your current step.
Go to the MP3 files handling page

Keep Everyone Happy

One thing is absolutely necessary for the success of this therapy, and that is carrying it through and finishing it. In order to do that, it is necessary to keep up the good and enthusiastic spirit of the human members of the household, as well as your neighbours.
Go to the Keep Everyone Happy page.

Scary Event Coming?

Even if you have finished therapy, your dog can still be wary of the loudest events, like fireworks events, or thunderstorms. And if you haven’t finished, and this type of event is nearing, please take a look at these comprehensive advice.
Go to the Scary Event Coming page.


Link to instructions for burning a data CD disc

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Data CD with MP3 files which you burn yourself

If you own an audio device with a CD player, that can play a data CD with pure MP3 files (not the same thing as an audio CD), then you can burn such a data CD yourself, with the MP3 files for Step 1 on, (right click and download the MP3 files for Step 1).

[buttonibt title=”Button Example” url=”https://www.westopfear.com/dogs/simple-secure-steps-instructions-dogs/” size=”lg” bgcolor=”#81b161″ fontcolor=”#ffffff”]Download MP3 audio files
to burn data CD #1[/buttonibt]

Instructions for burning MP3 files on a data CD disc are here.




[buttonibt title=”Button Example” url=”https://www.westopfear.com/dogs/quick-focus-dogs/” size=”lg” bgcolor=”#ad4638″ fontcolor=”#ffffff” block=”block”]Quick Focus page[/buttonibt]

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Quick Focus Page:

Simple infograph and a super short video



[buttonibt title=”Button Example” url=”https://www.westopfear.com/dogs/quick-focus-dogs/” size=”lg” bgcolor=”#ad4638″ fontcolor=”#ffffff” block=”block”]Instructions Text[/buttonibt]

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Instructions Text:

Comprehensive main instructions in text form



[buttonibt title=”Button Example” url=”https://www.westopfear.com/dogs/quick-focus-dogs/” size=”lg” bgcolor=”#ad4638″ fontcolor=”#ffffff” block=”block”]Instructions Videos[/buttonibt]

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Instructions Videos

Five easy to digest instructional videos



[buttonibt title=”Button Example” url=”https://www.westopfear.com/dogs/quick-focus-dogs/” size=”lg” bgcolor=”#ad4638″ fontcolor=”#ffffff” block=”block”]Listen: Audio MP3[/buttonibt]

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Listen: Audio MP3

Videos voice-over, and  reading of the text below