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As a Premium Program member, you have access to the instructional videos, MP3 audios and transcripts, as well as the encouraging, entertaining and informing Posts To Pep Up in the following months.

 Your first Post To Pep Up:

The Posts To Pep Up are created especially to keep you, motivated and entertained!

Today you get access to the first post. A new Post To Pep Up will then be opened every 10 days for the next 8 months. You will receive emails to notify you as long as you are on the WeStopFear customer email list, but the posts are also accessible through the “Posts To Pep Up” link in the page links.

The Posts To Pep Up include:

  • Motivation With Suggestions
  • Quote Of The Week
  • Featured Breed Photos
  • Breed Videos
  • Breed Information
  • Famous Owners of the Featured Breed
  • Money Saving Corner
  • The Trail of Nostalgia
  • Page Suggestions Within The Member’s Pages


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Enjoy the first Post To Pep Up


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You now have full access to the Premium Program instructions for WeStopFear Simple Secure Steps noise phobia therapy solution for dogs, in text, videos and audio! You will also get access to the Posts To Pep Up, one by one, in the following months. The Steps pages will open at their designated date.