Day 2: Finish getting familiar with the Main Instructions from Day 1 and now you can start Step 1 of the noise phobia therapy itself


Welcome Page 2 on the second day content links:


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Step 1 Page >>

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How To Burn CDs >>

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Keep Everyone Happy >>


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Fear Signs >>

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How To Handle MP3 >>

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Scary Event Coming? >>


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Six Factors Of Success >>

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Welcome Page 1 >>


Welcome Page 1 on the first day content links:


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Walk-through Video >>

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Important Details >>

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Main Instructions >>

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5 CDs Discount >>

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Quick Focus page >>

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Audio Devices >>


Step 1: Begin the process

You can now turn to the Step 1 page, and start doing the therapy!

This page contains the pack of MP3 audio files for Step 1, a link to the streaming audio, and short instructions.



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Go to the Step 1 page


Day two: Other information

On day one, yesterday, you were given access to the Quick Focus Page, the Main Instructions, the Important Details, the page about audio devices and acoustics, and the special member’s discount of the set of 5 ready made audio CDs.

This was to give you good time to familiarise yourself with the process, so that you will be sure to implement this process correctly (which can easily be done in a wrong way, without it being obvious), to maximise chances of your success, and to avoid possible painful mistakes.

Today you get access to all the other information that you don’t have to learn before starting the process, but you can get to know as you are starting the implementation:

The six factors of success

Your success is our goal!

But what exactly are the factors that may determine if you achieve success for your dog, freeing your dog from unnecessary fear or phobia because of harmless sounds? There are six factors that influence success or failure in this endeavour. This special page explains that. Please take a look at these…


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See The Six Factors Of Success >>


Signs Of Fear And Phobia

You will be going from one Step to the next one when you are certain that your dog is relaxed and indifferent about the sounds, at the volume level that you are playing them at in each given time.

To know when your dog is completely relaxed and indifferent, or anxious or frightened, you need to keep an eye on your dog, to monitor the signs of fear and anxiety. The page Signs Of Fear And Phobia lists the signs you should look after.

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See The Signs Of Fear And Phobia >>


Keep everyone happy:

It is very necessary to inform every household member about the therapy process, and how it’s going to be, especially in the latter parts of the threapy when the sounds will be played at steadily increasing volumes. Here are advice about how to keep everyone happy!

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Keep everyone happy advice


Scary event ahead?

If you know that an event is approaching that may be scary for your dog, and you haven’t managed to go through the therapy, then these advice will help you to make the event the most bearable for your dog. These measures are also advisable if a very scary event is nearing, like a big fireworks event nearby, even if you belive you have finished the therapy successfully.

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Scary event coming advice


Burning a CD disc and handling the MP3 files


Do you have an audio device with a CD player, and you want to burn your own CD discs using the MP3 files? This would most commonly be an audio CD disc, although there may be some who would like to burn a data CD disc. This page has advice on how to burn CD discs, with advice for PC or Mac owners.

Do you have an audio device that plays MP3 files? This page has advice on how to download, save and organize the MP3 audio files.

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Burning An Audio CD Disc >>

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MP3 Files Instructions >>



Will you be using a CD player?

For maximum comfort and quality assurance, you can get the ready made Prevent Fear Simple Secure Steps 5 CDs set.

The 5 CD set is at a SPECIAL DISCOUNT for members.

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Go To The Discount 5 CDs Set >>


What will you get access to in the first days?


The Welcome page 1 on day 1 (yesterday) gave you access to:

A short walk-through video and audio

The Main Instructions text, video and audio

The Quick Focus Infograph and video

The Important Details text, video and audio

A special member’s discount of the ready 5 audio CD discs set

Information about audio devices and acoustics



The Welcome page 2 on day 2 (today) gives you access to:

Start the therapy process: The Step 1 page, with the therapy MP3 sound files, streaming audio, and instructions, for Step 1


The list of the signs of fear and phobia in dogs (an important reference in the therapy)

Instructions on how to burn a CD (audio CD or data CD)

Instructions on how to handle MP3 files

The six factors of success explained

Keep everyone happy

Scary event coming?



The links to all membership pages are at the bottom

At the bottom of each page, you will find the links to all the pages that are open. Near the top of the page, right under the top banner, is a link, that will bring you directly to the page links in one click.

That will be all for Day 2. WeStopFear wishes you all the best in doing this important therapy for your dog.
Three days from now, on day 5, you will be given access to the last bits of information on how to implement the WeStopFear Simple Secure Steps noise phobia therapy.
You will also receive the first Post To Pep Up!
You will receive an email on day 5 with an access link to Welcome page 3.
Welcome 3 page will also open automatically, if you don’t see the email.