Step 4 evaluation too early

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Step 4 evaluation: too early…

You are here a bit too early!

Access is not yet given to the Step 5 page.

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This delay, a part of the process design, is to give the dog owner the minimum number of days needed to play the sounds of each step, and make sure that the dog is relaxed and indifferent over the sounds. The dog owner does not have access to subsequent steps until later. This is a security measure, to make sure that it is not possible to play the sounds too loudly, too early in the therapy process.


Therapy Steps

[mbr_is_for tags=’WSF-Dogs-access-Step-1-page’]Step 1 (Very Low)[ELSE_is_for]Step 1 (Pending)[/mbr_is_for][mbr_is_for tags=’WSF-Dogs-Member-in-Step-2′]Step 2 (Low Volume)[ELSE_is_for]Step 2 (Pending)[/mbr_is_for][mbr_is_for tags=’WSF-Dogs-Member-in-Step-3′]Step 3 (Mid Volume)[ELSE_is_for]Step 3 (Pending)[/mbr_is_for][mbr_is_for tags=’WSF-Dogs-Member-in-Step-4′]Step 4 (Louder)[ELSE_is_for]Step 4 (Pending)[/mbr_is_for][mbr_is_for tags=’WSF-Dogs-Member-in-Step-5′]Step 5 (Full Volume)[ELSE_is_for]Step 5 (Pending)[/mbr_is_for][mbr_is_for tags=’WSF-Dogs-Member-In-After-Maintenance’]After: Maintenance[ELSE_is_for]Afterwards (Pending)[/mbr_is_for]