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Bonuses for Premium Members

There are several bonuses offered for the Premium Members of WeStopFear, if they stick to the program.

The bonuses are delivered along with the Posts To Pep Up, which are also a feature of the Premium Program, along with the instructions videos and audio narrations files.

Yummy Zoom mini-course

The Yummy Zoom 10 part mini-course teaches you the basics of dog nutrition. These are extremely short, quick to read, discourses about various subjects of dog nutrition and dog food.

The parts of the course will be delivered at a certain interval (see scheduling of pages and posts here), with a Post To Pep Up in between. So while the course is being delivered, there will be a Post To Pep Up every two weeks, instead of weekly.

These are the issues dealt with in the course:

  1. About proteins
  2. About fats
  3. About the indigestion system
  4. About supplements
  5. About minerals
  6. About drinking water
  7. About dog food ingredients
  8. About the importance of gradual shift in changing the dog’s diet
  9. About home-made dog food
  10. More about home-made dog food

Yummy Zoom e-books about home made dog food

After the Yummy Zoom 10 part course ends you will receive two e-books with recipes for home-made dog food and treats.

Yummy Woof! Keys To Nutritional Understanding And Home-Made Food & Treats for Your Dog

A 70 page e-book about dog nutrition, with  9 dog treats recipes, and 16 snack- and quick meal recipes for your dog.

100 Dog Treats Recipes

An e-book with 100 exciting dog treats recipes that you can easily make in your home for your dog.

Home made dog food: You know what your dog is eating!

The word is out that offering your dog fresh food may decrease the chances of dog cancer. By making the food for your dog yourself, you know exactly the ingredients of what you are giving your dog to eat. The dog will be free from various additives that may be added to dog food to increase shelf life.


Become Better course


The Become Better mini-course is an 8 part basic course about dog training. The course will start some weeks after the Yummy Zoom course ends, (see scheduling of pages and posts here). 

The parts of the course will also be delivered in between Posts To Pep Up. So while the course is being delivered.

These are the issues dealt with in the course:

  1. Let the dog learn his/her name
  2. Teach your dog to sit
  3. Teach your dog to come
  4. Teach your dog to stay
  5. Teach your dog to lie down at your command
  6. Teach your dog not to jump upon people
  7. Teach your dog to go to his/her room/crate at your command
  8. Teach your dog to heel

Links among the Posts To Pep Up

Links to the courses and the bonuses will be active along with the links to individual Posts To Pep Up, on the Posts To Pep Up page.

Other bonuses

Other extra bonuses may be added in the future. These will be announced in due course.


Therapy Steps

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