Yummy Zoom: Thoughts #7 on Ingredients

Don’t judge dog food by the design of the packaging or nice words

The marketing experts of dog food companies are very good at weaving an appealing message to lure in new customers. True and tested phrases are used to promote a new product, such as “hypoallergenic,” “fresh beef,” and familiar claims such as that “your dog will surely love this.”

You would be wise to look at the marketing messages for dog foods with a critical eye. Before you try a new brand of dog food, be sure to read the description of the content.

Is the new dog food really more nutritious than what you are giving your dog now? Look at the appearance of the food – does it look too fresh and too colorful? If it is, we can be certain of two things:

1) the dog food company has used a lot of artificial color to make the food more attractive to dog owners, and

2) the dog food company probably went to great lengths to hide the fact that they used meat byproducts.

You would better have a good understanding of what “meat byproducts” means. These are substances such as bone meal, organ meats like arteries and liver, and ground animal meals.

And here’s the thing: dogs probably don’t appreciate that the new canned food looks like a restaurant-style steak with gravy. Dogs appreciate food through smell and taste. And in the final analysis, the new food will only be worth the money you invested in it if your dog becomes healthier by eating it.


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