Yummy Zoom: Thoughts #6 on water

Don’t let your dog walk through a dry desert!

It is important to remember that a dog needs to drink some amount of water every day. This is more so, if your dog lives a highly active life or if you are training him for some performances such as agility. Keep an eye on how much water your dog consumes during mealtime. The best ratio for dogs is 1:2.

What does that mean? This means that with every one pound of dog food that you give your dog, he should have access to two liters of clean water to drink.

If your dog comes from a large breed and can consume three pounds of dog food a day, then your dog should receive at least six liters of clean water from morning until nighttime. Giving your dog a continuous source of water can help your dog regulate its own needs (i.e. your dog can drink water whenever it feels thirsty). If you see your dog panting heavily on a hot day, that’s a sign the dog is already feeling tired and dehydrated – and it’s also a sign that you need to give your dog some extra water.

However, as in all things, there are exceptions to this rule: If your dog is sick, and especially if it is vomiting, then your dog should not be given extra amounts of water.

During vomiting spells, isolate your pet and do not give your dog water until you have contacted your veterinarian.


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