Yummy Zoom: Thoughts #10 more on homemade meals

Let’s make things straight about homemade meals for your dog

Before giving your dog homemade meals, take note of the following:

Please consider the following before you prepare homemade meals for your dog:

  1. Homemade dog food, as discussed here, means meals that are prepared and cooked with care, just like the food you cook and put on the table for yourself and your family. Table scraps and left-over food are not considered ideal homemade dog food. Table scraps are full of fat (and are usually salty) and do not contain the essential nutrients needed for growth and metabolic regulation.
  1. It is very important to supplement the homemade meals with the right vitamins and minerals, when you push the commercial dog food to the side. Unless you can fully commit to giving your dog a balanced diet, your dog may receive insufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals. In such cases, daily supplementation may be necessary to prevent nutritional deficiencies.
  1. The responsible dog owner who wants to cook meals at home keeps his or her eyes open to new findings and information about canine nutrition. Reading magazines or even newswires on the Internet can keep you up-to-date about new findings. You can then apply your new learning by adding (or removing) components from your dog’s daily meals.
  1. You should cook all food thoroughly. This reduces the risk of food poisoning. It is not true that dogs have magic stomachs that can withstand all bacteria. Dogs can suffer from food poisoning, too. Partially cooked meat can become a hotbed of harmful bacteria, so make sure that you observe proper handling and cooking times.
  1. Always remember that your dog’s health and vitality depends on both sufficient daily exercise, and good nutrition.


This was the tenth and final Yummy Zoom thought on dog food!


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