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Think about... #8

"Well done is better than well said."

- Benjamin Franklin

Hello and welcome!

Are you „cool as a cucumber?“ Are you calm like a still lake in the dusk when the sun goes down? Well, this is an open invitation to be exactly that. When sounds are heard in reality, coming from various phenomena in our modern, loud, industrialized world, you will probably stay cool as a cucumber, because you know these sounds and are not dangerous when you hear them.

As you play the sounds in the UBlockFear noise phobia therapy, gradually playing them at louder and louder volume, you should be exactly as cool and calm as you would be in the real setting. There is nothing special happening. By that, your calm behaviour, or un-behaviour, gives your dog a clear message that all is well in your world. Don‘t worry, be happy!



Breed High Five: 5 Boxer Pictures






Page Suggestion: The Six Factors of Success

A successful completion of this program calls for five factors to come together. If one of these fails, then the therapy will likely fail to a greater or less extent. The Six Factors of Success page explains these five factors and how you can arm yourself to achieve the success that your dog deserves!



Page Suggestion: The Keep Everyone Happy page

When you enter the latter Steps in the therapy, the sounds will be played increasingly louder and louder. You should make clear to everyone who will be affected by this, why you are doing this, what it can mean if you don‘t do this (your dog may have to face the negative consequences of noise phobia), what your household members or neighbours may experience during this process, and that you ask them to bear with you these sounds while they are being played. This is just a temporary process. The Keep Everyone Happy page contains tips on how to approach the important task of getting everyone on board with you in this important endeavour for your dog.



Famous persons who own or have owned a Boxer dog

  • Justin Timberlake, one of today‘s music scene‘s biggest stars, owns two Boxers.
  • Reality TV star Kim Kardashian of the famous Kardashian clan is a Boxer owner.
  • A Boxer dog often accompanies actress Cameron Diaz.
  • Luke Perry, well known from the TV series Beverly Hills 90210, apparently owns two Boxers.
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt not only owns a chihuahua (see the last Breed Briefing before this one), she is also a happy Boxer owner.
  • A Boxer belongs to the Australian actor Hugh Jackman, who played Wolverine in the X-Men film series.
  • And actress Jessica Biel has two Boxers on a leash.
  • NASCAR stock car racing driver Greg Biffle has a trusty Boxer by his side when outside the race track.
  • „Play it again, Sam“ Any lover of the old black and white movies knows this line. It was Humphrey Bogart, who in his personal life owned a Boxer dog he named Harvey.
  • Jazz singer Billie Holiday had a rather masculine taste for dogs, with a Boxer dog by her side in her dressing room before gigs.
  • Super-gentleman and movie star David Niven was the happy owner of a Boxer named Phantom.
  • The Norwegian figure skater and film star Sonja Heine, who was world famous for her sways and circling on the ice in the 1930‘s and 40‘s, owned a Boxer dog.
  • Many other famous personalities, inside and outside the world of entertainment, owned Boxers in the past decades. These include among others Nat King Cole, writer Emily Bronte of Wuthering Heights, actors Gene Autrey, Shirley Temple, Charlton Heston, baseball player Joe Dimaggio, Spencer Tracey, Victor Borge, J. Edgar Hoover, director of the FBI, Elvis Presley and painter Pablo Picasso (who also owned a daschund).


Money Saving Corner

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General traits of the Boxer dog

Common Characteristics

  • Calm and loyal.
  • Alert to anything unusual.
  • Animated and playful.
  • Welcoming to strangers.
  • Likes jumping and running.
  • Needs minimal grooming.

 Some Challenges

  • Needs leadership.
  • Strong willed, and can be stubborn and proud.
  • Early socialization is important.
  • Needs much exercise.
  • Can be agressive towards same sex.
  • Short face poses health problems.


Selected Boxer Videos!


By Dogumentary TV - 3:47 minutes - from Youtube



10 Funniest Boxer Videos

By World's Fuzziest Videos - 7:13 minutes - from Youtube

(To watch the videos at the source, just click the "Youtube" logo in the bottom right corner of the video)


Breed High Five: 5 More Boxer Pictures





Page Suggestion: 5 CDs pack members discount

Get your special members discount of the WeStopFear 5 audio CDs pack here . There is no reason to buy a new audio device just to play MP3 files, if buying a simple CD set is less expensive.



Page Suggestion: The MP3 Instructions page

Do you own an audio device of some sort that plays MP3 files? How will you go about preparing and organizing the MP3 files so that there will be no confusion, and no mix up? Head over tothe MP3 Instructions page for short and easy advice on this!



Page Suggestion: The Audio Devices advice page

Finishing the threapy process successfully for your dog means that you need to play the sound at just about full volume and good clarity in the end, as much as that is possible. The audio devices and their loudspeakers need to be able to do that. Often times, a good portable audio device can do the job in all places, while you may want to use stationary stereo or home movie system if you have one, and the car stereo in the car.The Audio Devices page gives you a more comprehensive look at this issue.




Next Post's Breed Focus: The Poodle

In Post To Pep Up #9, we will give you two high-fives about the Poodle, tell you about famous people who own or owned a dog of this breed, and some Poodle videos as well!


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