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Breed Focus: Pictures and videos of the Yorkshire Terrier



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Think about… #3

The real world doesn’t reward perfectionists.  It rewards people who get things done.

– Anonymous

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Breed High Five: 5 Yorkshire Terrier Pictures







Page Suggestion: The Quick Focus page

To brush up on your memory on how to do the steps right all the time, turn to the Quick Focus page which provides you with the simple overview of the process in the Quick Focus Infograph, and also a short Quick Focus video that describes the bare fundamentals.


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Famous persons who own or owned a Yorkshire Terrier  dog

The Yorkshire Terrier is popular with stars of entertainment who want to stay in style:

  • Cinderella is the name of Paris Hilton‘s yorkie.
  • A Yorkshire Terrier named Pete belongs to tennis star Venus Williams.
  • Missy Elliott‘s furbaby is the yorkie Poncho.
  • Britney Spears has a yorkie companion named London.
  • Donnie Osmond of The Osmonds owned a yorkie named Spike.
  • Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen owns a Yorkshire Terrier who is none less of a model. The pooche‘s name is Vida.
  • Hillary Duff‘s yorkie is Jack.
  • British actress and film producer Naomi Watts strolls along on walks with her two cute yorkies, named Bob and Ned.
  • For Joan Rivers, the TV hose, comedian, writer and actress, not less than two Yorkshire Terriers was enough. Spike was the better known of them, but the other was Veronica.
  • Kitty the yorkie belongs to Heather Locklear.

The cute and energetic Yorkies were also popular with famous people of the past.

  • Audrey Hepburn, the british actress most famous for her role in the movie Breakfast at Tiffanys, owned a yorkie as her beloved furry companion. His name was „Mr. Famous“.
  • Security is tight at the White House as one should expect for the residence and office of the President of the United States, but for those who entered the west wing in the time of president Nixon, one guard ruled above them all. That was the Yorkshire Terrier Pasha who ruled with an iron paw. Pasha actually belonged to Nixon‘s daughter, Tricia.


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General traits of the Yorkshire Terrier

Common Characteristics

  • Physically and mentally quick.
  • As a terrier, strong chasing instinct.
  • Loves cuddling on laps and snuggling on pillows.
  • Alert to arrivals at front door.
  • Small, fine boned and easy to carry.
  • Doesn‘t need much exercise.
  • Peaceful with other pets.

 Some Challenges

  • Can be bossy and scrappy with other dogs.
  • Too frail for young hands.
  • Barking must be controlled.
  • Can be willful and opinionized.
  • Can be possessive of food and toys.
  • Must be leashed and fenced for his own protection.
  • Needs socialization.


Selected Yorkshire Terrier Videos!


Yorkshire Terrier Puppies 6 weeks old playing

By Janet S – 7:44 minutes – from Youtube


Yorkshire Terrier

Posted by Animal Planet – 1:15 minutes – on Youtube

(To watch the videos at the source, just click the “Youtube” logo in the bottom right corner of the video)


Breed High Five: 5 More Yorkshire Terrier Pictures







Page Suggestion: The MP3 Instructions page

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Page Suggestion: The Audio Devices advice page

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Vintage Window


Vintage dogs illustration. Public domain image, possibly from late 19th century.

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Coming Up Breed Focus

In Post To Pep Up #4, we will give you two high-fives of pictures of the German Shepherd, tell you about famous people who own or owned a dog of this breed, the general characteristics, and some German Shepherd videos as well!



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