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Breed Focus: Pictures and videos of the Labrador Retriever



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  • Breed High Five: 5 more Labrador Retriever pictures…
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Think about… #2

Do not wait until the conditions are perfect to begin.  Beginning makes the conditions perfect.

– Anonymous

Hello and welcome!

Is something going on?

Well, actually, nothing special is going on while you are going through the WeStopFear process. You are not supposed to be occupied with anyting in particular. All that is happening is that randomly, you and your dog hear noises of the kind that you can expect to hear both inside and outside your home. In the beginning, you wouldn‘t call it noises. You would rather call it „hummings“. Its the low humming sound of various phenomena that are well known to you, and you usually don‘t make any fuzz over and especially not at such low volumes. Our pets, however, don‘t know what these phenomena are and due to their genetic programming, may react with worrier, fear, panic or phobia. Just continue doing what you are doing. Did  you just hear something? Your dog looks to you with a question mark on its snout… No, nothing is going on. Just continue what we were doing…



Breed High Five: 5 Labrador Retriever Pictures







Page suggestion: The Main Instructions and Important Details

At any point in your progress towards successfully finishing the therapy process, if you feel like you need a deeper insight into an aspect of the Simple Secure Steps process, please go to the Main Instructions page, or the Important Details page. Those are the pages with the fully, comprehensive coverage of the method. The Quick Focus page, on the other hand, is a brief overview to brush up on your memory!



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Will you be using a CD player in some of the locations where you will play the sounds? As a member of this program, you will get a special member‘s discount of the WeStopFear 5 CDs set. Click here to enjoy your discount.



Famous persons who own or owned a Labrador Retriever dog

  • Bill Clinton owns two Labradors named Buddy and Seamus.
  • Koni belongs to the president of Russia – Vladimir Putin.
  • A yellow Labrador named Roger belongs to an american comedian, actor, musician, writer and producer Steve Martin.
  • Harvey belonged to the prince of Wales – Prince Charles.
  • It looks like they are popular in the royal family as Prince William also owns a black Labrador named Widgeon.
  • Sandra Bullock owns a yellow Labrador named Spinee.
  • A chocholate Labrador Esmeralda is Anne Hathaway’s best friend.
  • Minnie Driver’s best friend is Bubba – a black Labrador.


Money Saving Corner

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General traits of the Labrador Retriever

Common Characteristics

  • Terrific family dog.
  • Good natured and cheerful.
  • Steady temperament.
  • Loves water, swimming, and fetching.
  • Remains „teenager“ for years.
  • Easy care coat.
  • Peaceful with other animals.

 Some Challenges

  • Needs vigorous exercise.
  • Must not be too confined.
  • May become destructive and chewing when bored.
  • Can be stubborn.
  • Jumps on people when young.
  • Sheds quite much.


Selected Labrador Retriever Videos!


Labrador Retriever Pet Profile

By Bondi Vet – 2:51 minutes – from Youtube


10 Funniest Lab Videos

By World’s Fuzziest Videos – 7:07 minutes – on Youtube

(To watch the videos at the source, just click the “Youtube” logo in the bottom right corner of the video)


Breed High Five: 5 More Labrador Retriever Pictures







Page suggestion: The Quick Focus page

Do you need a helping „hand“  to remind you quickly of how to implement the Simple Secure Steps method correctly, in order to maximize the likelihood of success for your dog? The Quick Focus Infograph and the short Quick Focus video on the (yes, you guessed it, the page is named the) Quick Focus page gives you an overview of how to do this, in just an instant.



Page suggestion: The Six Factors of Success

WeStopFear wants you to have maximum success for your dog. To achieve that, it is good to understand what are the building blocks of this success. There are five factors that must come together for the greatest success to be achieved: This system, your dog, your conduct, your equipment, and random events. To learn more and gear up for the greatest success in this process, please look at The Six Factors of Success page.



Vintage Window


Vintage kennel club image. Public domain image, probably from around 1910.

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Coming Up Breed Focus

In Post To Pep Up #3, we will give you two high-fives about the Yorkshire Terrier, tell you about famous people who own or owned a dog of this breed, and some Yorkie videos as well!


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