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“You must remain focused on your journey to greatness.

– Les Brown

Hello and welcome!

Are you handing out awards to yourself and your family, even neighbors? Don‘t be shy doing that. I am not talking about lavish and expensive rewards. It can simply be a pat on the shoulder and words of cheerful praise. Award yourself for doing this important noise phobia therapy (for prevention or cure) for your dog. Cherish the positive Steps you manage to take onwards in this process. Try to do this as enjoyable as you possibly can. But remember, when the sounds are playing, cool down, and behave as if nothing special is going on. By that, your dog learns that the sounds don‘t matter.


Breed High Five: 5 Dobermann Pictures









Page Suggestion: The Fear Signs page

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Famous persons who own or owned a Doberman dog

  • The 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, had a trusty Doberman by his side, named Moe.
  • Priscilla Presley, wife of the King himself, appeared in the TV series Dallas and in the Naked Gun movie. Her Doberman dog was named Willie.
  • Another actress of Dallas fame, Victoria Principal, also was a no-nonsense person when it came to choosing a dog breed. She owned two, China and Dyla.
  • For anyone who has read the hard-edged ficton of writer Hunter S. Thompson, it probably comes as no surprise that his favored dog breed wasn‘t some cute little lap dogs, but full grown and powerful Dobermans. He had several of them, and even included them in his books. His other penchant for pets was peacocks. Peacocks and Doberman dogs. What an interesting mix…
  • What has French celebrity chef Jean-Christophe Novelli got cookin‘? He has no less than 21 Doberman dogs, so he has a lot of mouths to feed. What exactly gets into their food bowl we don‘t know, but it helps to run a large kitchen with all these hungry mouths to feed.
  • The actor Bela Lugosi was best known for his role in the movie Dracula. His canine companion was a Doberman he named Hector.
  • A Bond girl in A View To A Kill, one of the Charlie‘s Angels, and also appearing as Sheena. Off set, Tanya Roberts‘s three companions were three Doberman dogs named Catcher, Champ and Huckleberry. Who knows? Maybe they helped her get into character?
  • William Shatner who appeared to avid TV fans as Captain Kirk in the Star Trek series was an avid Doberman fan. One of his Dobermans was named Kirk, and the others were named Morgan, China, Heidi, Paris, Royale, Martika, Sterling, Charity, Bella, and Starbuck.
  • Singer Mariah Carey is in no doubt what she wants for Christmas. She owns two Dobermans, Duke and Princess, and you can see Princess appear in one of her music videos, “All I want for Christmas is You.”
  • The celebrity that is perhaps most commonly mentioned with Dobermans is Snoop Dogg. However, he apparently doesn‘t own any Doberman dogs, although he sems to turn into one himself in the music video ”Who Am I?”


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General traits of the Doberman

Common Characteristics

  • Highly energetic.
  • Alert, fearless and loyal.
  • Intelligent.
  • Very trainable.
  • Aristocratic and elegantly proud.
  • A family dog who needs community.
  • Only needs minimal grooming.

 Some Challenges

  • Needs a lot of exercise.
  • Human leader must be strong and firm.
  • A Dobermann may assume alpha position.
  • Early training is critical.
  • Not tolerant to cold weather.
  • Stereotyped as highly aggressive and vicious.
  • Feared by those who don‘t know him.


Selected Dobermann Videos!


Dobermann Facts

Posted by Best Breed Ever – 2:28 minutes – on Youtube


10 Funniest Doberman Videos

Posted by World’s Fuzziest Videos – 7:24 minutes – on Youtube

(To watch the videos at the source, just click the “Youtube” logo in the bottom right corner of the video)


Breed High Five: 5 More Dobermann Pictures









Page Suggestion: The Six Factors of Success

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Next Post’s Breed Focus: Pomeranian

In Post To Pep Up #18, we will give you two high-fives about the Pomeranian, tell you about famous people who own or owned a dog of this breed, and some Pomeranian videos as well!



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