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Breed Focus: Pictures and videos of the Bulldog



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Think about… #12

“Working on the right thing is probably more important than working hard.”

– Caterina Fake

Hello and welcome!

Do you have a to-do list jammed with tasks like an underground train car is jammed with people during rush hour? Is there „just far too much to do?“ No matter how much is on your task list for the day, or the night, don‘t you worry, don‘t you worry as the lyrics goes, you don‘t have to skip doing the noise phobia therapy. Simply make sure you are playing the right Step, in today‘s chosen place. Hit the play button (making sure that the audio device is set at the correct volume, determined earlier, or the piano Volume Anchor™ makes it easy as changing shoes…). When the sounds start playing, you can turn your attention to your to-do list, and do whatever is most important. Only, if it is something noisy, like practicing a musical instrument, you should actually postpone that, until after the noise phobia therapy session is finished.


Breed High Five: 5 English Bulldog Pictures






Page Suggestion: The Quick Focus page

Do you want to have just a quick reminder of how to conduct this method? The Quick Focus infograph, video and audio on theQuick Focus page give you that fast and effortless reminder.



Page Suggestion: The Scary Event Ahead page

Fireworks? Thunderstorm season? Is there a potentially frightening situation coming up that you know of? Special measures to make the event more bearable for your dog may very well be advisable, in the case of a highly intensive situation.The Scary Event Ahead give you both short and quick advice , as well as a very comprehensive guidelines on what you can do to minimize the likelihood of a traumatic event for your dog.



Famous persons who own or owned a Bulldog

  • Singer and reality TV star Ozzy Osbourne owns Lola, an English Bulldog.
  • Jacques is Brad Pitt‘s magnificent Bulldog.
  • Comedian Adam Sandler owns an English Bulldog whom he named Meatball.
  • Miley Cyrus owns an American Bulldog named Ziggy.
  • East belongs to the actress Jessica Biel.
  • The outrageous radio jockey star Howard Stern owns an English Bulldog named Bianca.
  • Dwarfism actor Verne Troyer (2ft 8 in), who played Mini Me in the Austin Powers series of movies is the happy owner of the English Bulldog Banana.
  • Elvis is the English Bulldog belonging to singer Pink.
  • For professional skateboard star, reality TV star, actor and producer Rob Dyrek, none less than two English Bulldogs are enough. They are named Beef and Meaty.
  • Former professional football (soccer) player for Manchester United and captain of the English national team, David Beckham (husband of Victoria Beckham, fashion designer and former Spice Girls member) seems to have a knack for short legs. Not only has he been known for owning a Dachshund, he also owns an English Bulldog named Coco.
  • And Gloria Estefan, the American singer and actress with Cuban roots, owns no less than three English Bulldogs.


Money Saving Corner

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General traits of the Bulldog

Common Characteristics

  • Gentle companion.
  • Very patient with children.
  • Quiet and calm behaviour.
  • Doesn‘t need excessive exercise.
  • Gains weight easily.
  • Will overeat if given the chance.

 Some Challenges

  • Can be stubborn and lazy.
  • Can‘t tolerate heat and humidity.
  • Sensitive also about cold weather.
  • Not enthusiastic about walks.
  • Can have respiratiory ailments.
  • Chronic chewer, keep slippers away.


Selected Bulldog Videos!


Dogs 101: English Bulldog

Posted by TPStation – 4:46 minutes – on Youtube



Posted by World’s Fuzziest Videos – 4:01 minutes – on Youtube

(To watch the videos at the source, just click the “Youtube” logo in the bottom right corner of the video)


Breed High Five: 3 More English and 5 American Bulldog Pictures






High Five American Bulldog





Page Suggestion: The Keep Everyone Happy page

When you enter the latter Steps in the therapy, the sounds will be played increasingly louder and louder. You should make clear to everyone who will be affected by this, why you are doing this, what it can mean if you don‘t do this (your dog may have to face the negative consequences of noise phobia), what your household members or neighbours may experience during this process, and that you ask them to bear with you these sounds while they are being played. This is just a temporary process. The Keep Everyone Happy page contains tips on how to approach the important task of getting everyone on board with you in this important endeavour for your dog.







Next Post’s Breed Focus: Schnauzer

In Post To Pep Up #13, we will give you two high-fives about the Schnauzer, tell you about famous people who own or owned a dog of this breed, and some Schnauzer videos as well!



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