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This is a new solution

so we want to hear your voice!

Is there anything that you set your eyes on, which you think might be different, or improved upon?

If you think WeStopFear is great, and brings good value for you and your pet, you might be helping other dog owners and their dogs by telling them about it. 

If there is something you don’t like, then please tell us. It might be something trivial that takes only a matter of seconds to fix. Or it might be a bigger thing that requires a dedicated development project.

Either way, we at WeStopFear are very dedicated to improve this solution!

You can send an email with your advice and comments to

Therapy Steps

[mbr_is_for tags=’WSF-Dogs-access-Step-1-page’]Step 1 (Very Low)[ELSE_is_for]Step 1 (Pending)[/mbr_is_for][mbr_is_for tags=’WSF-Dogs-Member-in-Step-2′]Step 2 (Low Volume)[ELSE_is_for]Step 2 (Pending)[/mbr_is_for][mbr_is_for tags=’WSF-Dogs-Member-in-Step-3′]Step 3 (Mid Volume)[ELSE_is_for]Step 3 (Pending)[/mbr_is_for][mbr_is_for tags=’WSF-Dogs-Member-in-Step-4′]Step 4 (Louder)[ELSE_is_for]Step 4 (Pending)[/mbr_is_for][mbr_is_for tags=’WSF-Dogs-Member-in-Step-5′]Step 5 (Full Volume)[ELSE_is_for]Step 5 (Pending)[/mbr_is_for][mbr_is_for tags=’WSF-Dogs-Member-In-After-Maintenance’]After: Maintenance[ELSE_is_for]Afterwards (Pending)[/mbr_is_for]