Step 2 evaluation

Are you finished with Step 2?

Review all the places that you played the sounds in:

Was your dog relaxed and indifferent over the sounds, at the volume level of Step 2, in all the places?


My dog was / my dogs had become totally relaxed in all the places and didn’t care about these sounds.

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It is now time to start Step 3. The process in Step 3 is the same as in Step 1 and 2, but the therapy sounds are higher, at medium volume.


My dog was / my dogs were still a bit anxious and tense in some of the places, over the sounds in Step 2.

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(You can then finish Step 2, and come here again and enter Step 3, whenever you and your dog are ready.)

Note: Clicking the link activates the reminder and encouragement email series for Step 3, and dis-activates the email series for Step 2. This cannot be reversed. However, you can go back to Step 2 if you need, you just cannot continue to receive the emails for Step 2. (Access to Step 2 is closed when you enter Step 5, as you no longer need access to Step 2 then. Access to Step 3 is open as long as you are a member).