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Can you help us help other pets and animals? (Yes you can!)

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Millions of pets and animals could benefit from WeStopFear but their owners don’t know about this program. Many would want to do this for their pets just like you.

Click hear to read more – and help other pets and animals, and benefit yourself too

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Dogs   –  Cats   –  Horses   –   Birds   –   Small Mammals   –   Exotic Pets



Tips on downloading, un-zipping, and managing the Audio MP3 files

If you are going to play MP3 audio files, then a package of MP3 sound files with silent Natural Intervals are ready for your use.

There is one package for each of the five Steps.

Here are detailed instructions for the different things you may need to do when using the MP3 files solutions.

Download and preparation

Right-click on the “Download MP3 pack” button.

When the file window appears, navigate to the location on your computer‘s hard disc drive where you want to store the MP3 files. Create a new folder named “Prevent Fear MP3 for Step (and the step number)”. Open the folder and hit the “Save” button.

Go into the file folder you created. The MP3 pack is a compressed Zip file. Right click the pack and select “extract files”. Choose Extract in same folder, or create another folder there if you wish.

If your computer does not have an in-built software to unzip Zip files, then you will have to obtain a program to do that. Simply type “zip program” into your search engine of choice.

The audio MP3 files, with the therapy sounds and silent Natural Intervals in between, are now ready to play.

Where to play the MP3 files

You can:

  1. Play them in the computer, which is connected to an amplifier and loudspeakers capable of delivering the sound in a natural way.
  2. Move the files package into another MP3 files playing audio device, also with capable amplifier and loudspeakers.
  3. Burn the files onto a data CD or data DVD, and play the disc in a CD player or DVD player capable of playing MP3 files (typically a rather new model). Refer to instructions on how to burn a data disc, using the disc writer on your computer.
  4. Use the files to burn an audio CD (which all CD players, new and old, will be able to play). You will need to select files onto the disc, as the audio MP3 files pack has a longer total duration than an audio CD. Refer to instructions on how to burn an audio CD disc, using the disc writer on your computer.

Customize your sound packs

You can copy and paste specific therapy sounds (and the accompanying silent Natural Intervals) into another folder that you create and name specially. In this folder, you can build a customized pack of therapy sounds, for instance:

  • Sounds for indoor use (sounds from things indoor and sounds from the outdoor that are heard indoor, such as thunder claps and fireworks)
  • Sounds for outdoor use (sounds from things outdoors)
  • Special sounds that you think your dog is especially sensitive about, and you want to work specially on those.

This is a flexibility that is more difficult to achieve when you use an audio CD disc.

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Dogs   –  Cats   –  Horses   –   Birds   –   Small Mammals   –   Exotic Pets

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Dogs   –  Cats   –  Horses   –   Birds   –   Small Mammals   –   Exotic Pets

Will You Help Other Animals (And Their Owners)?

Image of a group of petsThere are millions of pets and animals in all countries that could benefit if their owners would conduct this innovative method of WeStopFear and the Simple Secure Steps for them.

Many would like to do this for their pets

And there are millions of pet owners who would be happy to do this for their beloved pets.

… but they don’t know about WeStopFear

So what is keeping them from doing it? Well, the simple fact that they don’t know about this innovative method, that is FREE to use FOREVER in its basic version, so they don’t even have to consider if they can afford the cost.

There are even possibly many pet owners that you know that have never heard of WeStopFear and the Simple Secure Steps to prevent or heal noise phobia, that can rob their pets of their happiness, feeling secure, their health or even lives.

You can help them and benefit yourself! Will you do that?

Here is how you can easily benefit, and do a good deed at the same time. You can tell them about WeStopFear and receive benefits in return, simply click here to send them a notification!

A more comprehensive version of WeStopFear is in the making. It will contain several extra features that are greatly convenient.

Here is the simple offer:

If you send a special email we prepare to five (5) friends and family members who own a pet or animal (of any type that WeStopFear services), and tell them about WeStopFear, then you will get FOR FREE the following five benefits:

You get:

  1. A special audio player on the page where you can choose and  play an individual sound. There is one player for each step, playing the therapy sounds at the right volume for that step. Currently you have a player that plays all sounds randomly.
  2. Three different, handy information forms for you to write your information about locations, audio devices, audio media, volume settings, the step you are at, and other comments for you to have at hand. These are offered in simple text format and Rich Text Format (.rtf) which you can edit, (applicable for both PC and Mac), and in PDF format.
  3. 20% Discount of the 5 CDs pack, if you want to play the therapy on a CD player.
  4. 20% discount in the DuFauna webstore (WeStopFear-linked design products, focusing on many dog breeds, cats, horses, and later on other pet types as well.)
  5. A dedicated section with valid discount codes on Redbubble, where WeStopFear-linked DuFauna design products are offered (focusing on many dog breeds, cats, horses, and later on other pet types as well) and millions of other designs and products as well, great for gifts or to indulge yourself.

WeStopFear individual sounds players and information forms

These benefits you will get for free, if you help your pet-owning friends and family members! You just need to send five (5)!

Do it right now. Click here!

(Below is a description of how exactly this happens. This simple and fun process is managed by UpViral.)

Sweepstakes: We will collect information about those who have initiated the greatest numbers of fresh signups on WeStopFear, and those will get a free full premium subscription for life, or as long as WeStopFear is active. Further information will be provided later.

In the email, there will be a special link for your friends or family members to sign up. This means that they now know about WeStopFear, and can easily start saving their pets from possible fear and phobia, and the bad consequences that can come with it. The pets and animals owned by your friends and family may have a good reason to thank you!

Your friends and family members, if they want to, can then tell pet-owning people they know about WeStopFear. This could start a snowballing effect, and it is needed!

Let’s help millions of pets and animals be free from fear. Click here!

This is valid for all the types of pets and animals served by WeStopFear, dogs, cats, horses, birds, small and exotic pets:

WeStopFear all pet types icons

You can go now and help by sending those emails. Click here!

The email sending process: You simply add emails of your friends and family members (minimum 5 emails but you can certainly send more if you like). Then add your name and email, and hit the SEND button! You can participate more than once if you like (but only send per email once). After submitting, you will get immediate access to the benefits listed above.