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Ready made 5 audio CDs pack

We are considering to offer a ready made pack of audio CD discs with five discs, for the therapy Steps 1-5, with the Simple Secure Steps, Volume Anchor and Natural Intervals.

If you think you want that, then please send us an email to tell us about it. Where would you use CD discs? In your living room audio system? In a portable CD player? In the car? Let us know, the email address is

The discs and packaging have already been designed:

(The design might change, for instance, the package will likely be for more types of pets and animals than just dogs).


The discs will lbe manufactured in the United States by a leading disc duplication manufacturer, using high-quality professional blank media for the job, with high-quality WAV audio files (44.1 khz sampling rate, 16 bit), and delivered in a plastic box with printed sleeve and info sheet inside.

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5 audio CD set >>

Therapy Steps

[mbr_is_for tags=’WSF-Dogs-access-Step-1-page’]Step 1 (Very Low)[ELSE_is_for]Step 1 (Pending)[/mbr_is_for][mbr_is_for tags=’WSF-Dogs-Member-in-Step-2′]Step 2 (Low Volume)[ELSE_is_for]Step 2 (Pending)[/mbr_is_for][mbr_is_for tags=’WSF-Dogs-Member-in-Step-3′]Step 3 (Mid Volume)[ELSE_is_for]Step 3 (Pending)[/mbr_is_for][mbr_is_for tags=’WSF-Dogs-Member-in-Step-4′]Step 4 (Louder)[ELSE_is_for]Step 4 (Pending)[/mbr_is_for][mbr_is_for tags=’WSF-Dogs-Member-in-Step-5′]Step 5 (Full Volume)[ELSE_is_for]Step 5 (Pending)[/mbr_is_for][mbr_is_for tags=’WSF-Dogs-Member-In-After-Maintenance’]After: Maintenance[ELSE_is_for]Afterwards (Pending)[/mbr_is_for]